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“I love the (Jumping) Balls I ordered, unbelievable how good their quality is at such a price. Thank you.”
June K., Maryland

“Loved mine as a kid!”
Karen S., Indiana

“My son lost bouncy-ball priveleges (much more effective than a time out!)...the balls are only allowed on the 1st floor, and it’s the only means of transport my son uses down here. He does not walk if there’s a bouncy ball available. He’s quite devastated when we take it away. Thankfully it’s not that often.”
Audrey Z., Illinois

“Hi Daniel! I wanted to let you know just how much the grandchildren loved the jumping balls that "santa" left for them. The balls were so easy to pump up with the pump you included - THANKS!”
Margaret C., Alabama

“My children use their jumping balls as vehicles to go everywhere in our house. Daily I go down and replace the ceiling tiles back into their little brackets.  Thank you for a great product!!!”
Patty D., Michigan

“We just received our order today and it is PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for double checking, for the extra plug, and for such personal attention! We’re bouncing around the house right now and having a BLAST!!! I’ll recommend you to others! Thanks again!”
Jean N., Illinois

“My 9 year old, Zach...said it was his favorite present. It beat out the Nintendo DS and paintball gun to be his favorite present. He bounces on it all the time, I am amazed at how much he loves his jumping ball and how much exercise he gets while having fun, yeah!”
Eric J., California

“I just wanted to let you know that we gave our 3 year old one of your jumping balls for Christmas and she dearly loves it. At first she kept falling off but now she is a pro. Bouncing all through the house and she even uses it like a chair to watch TV. I also bought one for our cousin and her mother says it was a hit!”
Tammy K., Nevada

“I run a daycare at home, these balls have been great. It’s been too cold to go outside, but the kids are getting their exercise inside!!!”
Linda A., Colorado

“I'm an occupational therapist and appreciate the great fitness opportunity these balls offer my young ones without them even knowing it!”
Jeanne Drennan from Mountain Valley Health, LLC, New Mexico

“My daughter is 3 and she has a jumping ball [not purchased from your store] but she's already worn it out because she is on it all the time. Great product.”
Dennis V., New Hampshire

“The kids are enjoying their jumping balls as you can see by the picture and video clip. Jonahtan loves his “little” one and is often found bouncing his way through the house. There is a noticeable difference in the two sizes! We appreciate your excellent customer service. May G-d richly bless you today and always.”
Bard & Julie, Indiana

“Ever since my kids got these balls, I wanted one too! My 2 and 3 year old boys both have jumping balls and I have been thinking about how much fun it would be for us to all bounce around together. I am looking forward to receiving your mama sized jumping ball!!!”
Suzanne R., California

“We are anxiously awaiting our bouncy balls. My 5 year old has an "indestructible" one...he literally bounces throughout the house in circles for hours every day. It is a sight to behold. We can't wait to get our new cool bouncy balls with faces. I am glad we found your site! Thanks!”
Karin C., Maryland

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